If you’re looking for the best home spa available …look no further. Country Homes Power is proud to offer Marquis Spas to its discerning customers. Marquis Spas are designed and manufactured in Oregon and is an employee-owned company.

Marquis is focused on offering users the ultimate soaking experience. Their innovative designs offer low operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements, which means you can spend more time inside your spa enjoying all of its cutting-edge features! Marquis has earned the Spasearch Certified and Spasearch ApprovedTM endorsements, which were created to recognize customer-oriented portable hot tub manufacturers that consistently provide a superior experience for new hot tub owners.

A hot tub is a great investment that may be enjoyed during any season of the year by you and your family. At Country Homes Power, our mission is to help you discover the perfect spa to fit your lifestyle. Please call or email us today for more information. We would also be happy to arrange an in-store demo for you.