Elvex ProChaps

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The Elvex ProChaps is our best- selling chap model. With the patented asymmetric design and conforms to ASTM standards! Lengths of 33, 36 & 39 inches from waist.


• Patented asymmetric design provides extended protection on the left side of each leg (US Pat. #5,095,544) 

• The 90 series chaps conform to ASTM requirements as well as APA Class A requirements
• Lightweight, flexible and strong 420 denier Nylon cover fabric
• Easy on, easy off apron-style design
• Quick release buckles for waist and legs
• A zippered front pocket is a standard feature not found in other brands
• Color is Safety Orange – Lengths of 33, 36 & 39 inches from waist

• Measure from waist to bottom, not the inseam in order to select the correct ProChaps